Eight Constitution Medicine

ECM is a new paradigm medical system that is different from Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Eight Constitution Medicine

What is ECM?

ECM is a new paradigm medical system that is different from Western Medicine and Traditioanl Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful immunotherpy that treats the cause of illness by providing a specialized food regimen and acupuncture tailored to each patient's distinct constitution.

Eight Constitution Medicine Chart

Conditions Treated

ECM is effective for treating inflmmatory symptoms, including Gastritis Gastric ulcer, Cystitis, Pyelitis, Hepatitis, Gynecological disease, Insomnia, various chronic pain and more. 

The Constitutions

The eight constitutions each consist of a different dynamic order between twelve organs which include: the heart, lung, pancreas, liver, kidney, small and large intestine, stomach, gall bladder, bladder, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve of the autonomic nervous system. There are  eight different dynamic orders physically and mentally from eight distinct individualities. Hence, the eight constitutions: Hepatonia, Cholecystonia, Pancreotonia, Gastrotonia, Pulmotonia, Colonotonia, Renotonia and Vesicotonia.

Food Regimen

ECM Nutrition differs from western nutrition in that it does not rely on analyzing merely the chemical elements of each food. Instead, it determines the properties, nature, energies, and effectiveness of each food as they relate to balancing various organs and the body as a whole.

Further, based on the individual’s body constitution, one should follow the food regimen and nutrition that is best suited for their health and well-being.  Each constitution’s food intake plan is categorized in 3 groups based on the energetic nature and the effect of the foods on the body as follows:

Good for You: Foods that are most beneficial for your health. Consuming these balances your organ system.

Better to Avoid: Food that you should eat in moderation and rarely, and should not be a large portion of any meal.

Bad for You: Foods that are harmful to your well being and contribute to your illness.

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